A collection of inspirational stories, life changing moments and acts of kindness.

Dreamers and Doers is linked to a project to donate textbooks to underprivileged school children in Tanzania. What you from the book is inspiration – what they get from it is hope for the future.

About the book

The world’s first book about women who have been to Kilimanjaro where more than 50 authors of 30 different nationalities have contributed their inspirational stories to this one of a kind book.

What bind us together are the dreams and deeds. Kilimanjaro is a beautiful symbol. It is a symbol for those who have admired a sunrise on the roof of Africa, but also for those who marvel at the beauty of the mountain from a distance.

In this book we have collected fragments of our lives, our dreams, our mountains and valleys, which we have had to overcome.

Our dreams and their fulfillment are like getting to the top of a mountain. We can linger on and dream about reaching the top forever, but answers cannot be found until we start the journey. We all have our own reasons, which take us forward in life and which explain why we have done things just the way we have done – or will do – them.

Dreamers and Doers