This book is about Tanzania and its development prospects. Within ten short chapters, each with well-chosen sub-titles, the text covers a wide range of subjects.

Each subject highlights a specific theme or themes that are of topical interest in the current development debate. Under each theme the author, without trying to delve deeply into the subject, raises a number of pertinent questions, enough to whet the reader’s appetite and to cause him to think twice about the contemporary debate.

From the outset, the author dismisses offhand the idea that Tanzania is intrinsically poor: he emphasizes that Tanzania is richly endowed with natural resources of all kinds, and lays the blame for the country’s underdevelopment squarely on the failure of its people to mobilize their resources, which he attributes largely to lack of education, poor leadership, and widespread corruption.

Tanzania: My Country As I See It is a simple easy-to-read text. But there is no mistaking the weight of the issues raised, and the challenges they pose.

Tanzania: My Country as I See ...