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Author: Lucy H. Pearce 


Medicine Woman is the eagerly-awaited sister book to Nautilus Silver-Award-Winning Burning Woman from Amazon bestselling author, Lucy H. Pearce.
This audacious questioning of the current medical system’s ability to deal with the modern epidemic of chronic illness, combines a raw personal memoir of sickness and healing, woven through with voices of dozens of other long-term sick women of the world and a feminine cultural critique that digs deep into the roots of patriarchal medicine. Pearce takes us from its ancient Greek roots, through the influences of the Enlightenment and Christianity, the wholesale destruction of the wise woman tradition and Western colonial destruction of native medicines to the current technocratic, capitalist model of medicine.
Medicine Woman asks the uncomfortable questions that our culture refuses to face:

  • Why chronic illness, mental health issues, medical prescriptions and costs are rising exponentially.
  • Why women are the major sufferers of the modern epidemic of auto-immune conditions.
  • Why women are twice as likely to be medicated for depression.
  • Why women tend to be taken less seriously by medical professionals.

Packed with dozens of healing arts exercises and hundreds of medicine questions to help integrate body and mind in the healing process. Like Burning Woman, this book promises initiation by transmission, reconnecting us directly with the soul of healing.

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Publisher: Womancraft Publishing
ISBN: 9781910559338
Number of pages: 345
Weight: 440 g
Dimensions: 216 x 140 x 22 mm

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