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Author: Charlotte Carter

**A New York Times Best Crime Mystery of the Year**

‘Nanette Hayes may be the most charismatic crime-fiction heroine to appear in the last decade’ Booklist

In the third book in the Nanette Hayes series, Nanette finds a voodoo doll is bringing her some much needed luck. . . until the doll’s maker is murdered and she is dragged into the investigation.

Nanette is on the rocks. Heartbroken and alone in New York, she finds what comfort she can in the bottom of a bottle. But her life seems to turn around when she’s given a voodoo doll, so much so that Nanette seeks out the doll’s creator, Ida, to thank her. That’s when Nanette’s luck seems to run out, and Ida ends up with a bullet in her head.

Guilt-ridden, Nanette resolves to get justice for her new friend, only to find that Ida was hiding some dark skeletons in her closet. Now plunged into a dangerous world she doesn’t understand, Nanette will have to team up with some unlikely allies, like her estranged father, a high school principal, and Leland Sweet, an NYPD officer with whom Nanette has some major history. But will Nanette solve Ida’s murder or fall victim to the same forces that brought Ida down?

Originally published in the 1990s, this stylish piece of noir is an original and page-turning read starring an unforgettable heroine.


‘Funky scenes of New York’s musical underworld. . . [a] sweet and saucy narrative voice’ The New York Times on Drumsticks

‘Style’s the thing in this breezy, sexy mystery narrated by Nanette, a French-speaking, sax-playing street musician’ Publisher’s Weekly

‘This Grace Jones lookalike with a degree in French is a splendid creation’ Sunday Telegraph

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Publisher: John Murray Press
ISBN: 9781399803922
Number of pages: 208
Weight: 150 g
Dimensions: 196 x 126 x 18 mm

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