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Author: Danielle Steel 


The High Notes is a moving and uplifting story of following your dreams against the odds, from the world’s favourite storyteller, Danielle Steel.

Iris Cooper grew up dirt poor in Texas. Her mother left when she was a baby, leaving her to be raised by her rodeo cowboy dad, who was too interested in beer, whisky and women to be a good father to her or to provide what she needed.

On top of her innocent beauty, Iris had a rare gift: she had the voice of an angel. After singing in downtrodden bars across the state from the age of twelve, she spent many years on the road, suffering at the hands of greedy, unscrupulous managers.

She finally gets a lucky break when she meets Boy, another talented singer, in Jackson Hole. Together they make their way to New York where Iris’s talent is recognized and nurtured by one of the top agents in the business. A star is born and Iris finally gets the success she deserves.

But then tragedy strikes, and through it Iris discovers another kind of love . . .

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Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 9781529022117
Number of pages: 304
Weight: 504 g
Dimensions: 243 x 161 x 32 mm

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